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Valpo Citizens First! 

The needs of the citizens of Valparaiso must be prioritized over the desires of opportunistic developers and leadership pet projects. Lance Rapahael is a candidate that understands and has a proven track record for successfully standing up for citizens. 

Lance Raphael - The Right Choice for City Council

The city of Valparaiso is growing. New residents are drawn to our vibrant downtown, strong school rankings, plentiful parks, arts and culture, community events are more.  While growth is important, investing in maintaining the  assets we have is equally important. Let's continue to stand out as a community that welcomes everyone. To do this we must continue to improve, enhance and maintain our existing neighborhoods, roads and sidewalk in our community. 

A voice for the people who already live here.

I will advocate for the TRANSPARENCY within our local governement and help to eliminate backroom deals and viral cronyism. 

The INTEGRITY of our civic leaders depends on the ability to be honest with constituents. You may not always like what I say, but it will be the truth.

Responsible governance and growth for requires EXPERIENCE.  Valparaiso can not grow as a community unless leaders have the wisdom and skill to strategically plan and deliver results. 

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